Top Ten Teusday -Books I’m looking forward to for the 1st quarter of 2017

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  1. History is all you left me with by Adam Silvera


After reading more happy than not, I’m very excited about this. It features boys and death so obviously keep those tissues close and say goodbye to your other TBR books.

Release date January 17th

2. Caraval by Stephanie Garber

download (1).jpg


This book is giving me serious night circus feels with it’s cover and whole competition vibes. It is highly recommend by book bloggers and the arc of this book was swapping like hot cakes. TBH I am a slave to hyped up books. No seriously, I love to read what everyone else is loving and recommending.                                                                                                 It revolves around two sisters and a game show (There is magic involved too, I think. I need to start reading the blurbs more often than to make up these one lined maybe blurbs)

Release date January 31st

3.Strange  the dreamer by Laini Taylor

download (2).jpg

It is written by laini Taylor ’nuff said. I feel like I have waited for 26794 years for this book (It was going to release in September ’16 but then it got pushed back to march). I have missed Laini’s writing and magic.Since it is a duology I’m considering binge reading it once it’s sequel is out.

Release date March 28th

4.King’s cage Victoria Aveyard

download (3).jpg

The last book in the red queen trilogy, a series I haven’t read yet but heard a lot about. and with the first two books lying on my TBR I am going to binge read this series (Anyone interested to read along?)                                                                                                                                  P.S. Doesn’t the cover drip with political intrigue.

Release date  February 7th


5.Carve the mark by Veronica Roth

download (4).jpg


I was really excited about this book when news about its release and synopsis came out. But the recent controversy about themes of racism being present makes me hesitant to read it and also the similarities to ‘The Continent’ do not help.. I’m still on the fence  about this one and I’ll probably borrow a copy rather than buying one.

Release date January 17th


6.Rose blood by A G Howard


With the mere mention of phantom of opera modern day retelling makes me ready sign up. Also it is based in a Victorian Gothic, French boarding school and I have a serious weakness over boarding schools. And bonus it is a standalone and that is such a breath of fresh air  because lately  all I read are trilogies and series so a stand-alone( which is not a contemporary) sounds fun.

Release date January 10th



7.Wires and nerve by Marissa Meyer

download (5).jpg

A graphic novel spin-off of the lunar chronicles featuring Iko. Iko was one my favorite character from the series because she was the sassiest and funniest character out of the whole group. But finding this book in Mumbai is really hard and reading graphic novel e-books is not really appealing so if you have any recs about places or sites to buy and get it delivered to India please do tell.

Release date January 31st

8.Hate you give by Angie Thomas

download (6).jpg



An #ownvoices novel about the black lives matter and also an upcoming movie. I am very interested in this because the #BLM was such a major part of 2016 and as somebody not directly witnessing any of it, reading it  will show a different perspective

Release date February 28th

9.Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken



I had read  Passenger in Jan 2016 and I honestly don’t remember any plot details. On the other hand I don’t really want to re-read Passenger to prepare for wayfarer. But one thing I do remember, that it ended on a cliffhanger(with a literal life or death situation) and I need answers.

Release date January 3rd

10. A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab


One of my most anticipated book of 2017 and also I will finally (Finally!) read this series and meet Kell, Lila and the gang.

Release date February 21st 



If you have read any of these books do tell me how they are??

Also link me to your TTT post in the comments and I’ll definitely check it out.


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