TTT :Books I wouldn’t mind Santa leaving under the tree

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature by broke and bookish.For future or past prompts visit here

1.Six of crows duology (Boxed set) by Leigh Bardugo


I currently own the eBook version of these two books but I would really love getting the boxed hardcovers with its stained pages.They are serious bookstagram goals. Also it makes sense owning my favourite books of 2015-16 in physical formats.

2. Fallen Kingdom

download (1).jpg

The last book will be coming out next year and I want to be caught up by then.And also it wouldn’t hurt receiving the spin off series too (The book of spirit and thieves)

3.An ember in the ashes

download (2).jpg

I have heard just good things about this series and anyways fantasy is my go-to genre so owning this series is natural. Also I could probably use it for any upcoming diversity challenge.

4.The school of good and evil

download (3).jpg

It is a middle grade book with elements/ popular tropes of fairy tales and childhood stories (I guess, I should’ve read the blurb on goodreads before posting this.)


download (4).jpg

The concept of two stories in one book and read in three different way makes me really curious to read it. The cover colour combination is also very eye catching and would look good on my bookshelf.(ohkayyy I admit it, I’m a little vain over bookshelves and their aesthetics)

6.The diviners

download (5).jpg

A clairvoyant and New York city during 1920s sounds really fun. It also helps that it is a very big book and would make a perfect cozy winter-y read.(Even though winters in Mumbai are a big joke)

7.The bone season

download (6).jpg

Pitched as the new age harry potter, it definitely makes me excited to read this. But I’m waiting for the series to conclude or at least reach near its end to start with it.


download (7).jpg

I’m debating buying this book in hardcover or to buy it in audio.                          Reasons to buy in Hardcover                                                                                                                                         – The format of the book is really cool with its letters and whatnots.                               Reasons to buy an Audio book                                                                                                                                       – I have never tried audio books and this seems like a good place to start.                                   – It is a dramatized audio book i.e with background scores and songs

9.The foxhole court series

download (8).jpg

I’ve seen mood board and graphics about this series float about in tumblr a lot and it seems a little like the raven cycle series so I’m intrigued and want to try out this book.

10.The serpent king

download (9).jpg

I want to read this book solely based on Cait from paperfury’s review. As I don’t really read much contemporary, I’m forever looking for recs to buy more contemporary books.

So what about you? which books do you all wish to receive from santa? Link me to your Top Ten Tuesday post and I will definitely check it out.  

Also help me choose Illuminae in hardcover or in audio?



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