Bookish Resolutions And Reading Challenges

A brand new year is here and you know what new year brings along with it, Resolutions.     So here are some of my books and reading related resolutions


  1. Read more diversely

This is my no.1 goal of the year and especially reading #own voices authors. Also I want to branch out and read not just a certain stream of diverse read. So to remedy my sporadic diversity reads I’m taking part in the Diversity Bingo 2017 

2.Blog consistently 

I’m not really known for my consistency and ability to focus on one thing at a time (I’m a serious multitask-er who likes audiobooks for the same reason) so this year I’m not going to let anything come between me and my blog( That sounds like a dialogue from TV serial) To be more consistent  I’m going to plan posts and write them in advance.

3.Engage more on Social media

I’m really shy when it comes to conversions whether online or offline on the other hand I also hate being out of the loop so it is really a catch 22. I don’t like commenting on ongoing conversions since it feels like I’m intruding. So yeah I hope to be more social this year and shed all inhibitions about ‘what will people think?’                                                                         Also I would love to buddy read a book with someone (maybe anyone is up for a raven cycle re-read?)

4.Juggle work and  reading better

I joined my internship in December and hit the lowest books read in a month count (just 4 books and 2 of them during the holidays) so there is a problem which needs to be sorted out by utilizing the commute time and breaks. Also a major part was also played by the meh books I picked up so it’s also the book’s fault (and the blame game continues)

5.Update my Book tracking spreadsheet regularly

            For 2017 I am using the bookish spreadsheet by xCrini to track my books read or purchased along with the usual goodreads. I would love to look back on the infographics and pie charts of the genres read and ratings like a real statistician ( I am in accounts so it is natural that  I love numbers and maths)

6.Read more comics and graphic novels

         Last year I read the graphic novel series Saga and absolutely love it. It has made me curious to try out more graphic novels like Nimona and Lumberjanes. The only problem is finding them in Mumbai. So if you have any recs of places selling or renting comics and graphic novels please do tell, it’ll be lifesaving.




Reading challenges I’m joining for 2017


  1. Goodreads


My goodreads goal for this year is to read 100 books which is a number I haven’t ever reached but I think I’ll be able to do it this time.

2.Diversity bingo


I couldn’t participate in the December diversity bingo due to the above mentioned internship but I’m really excited to try out the year-long challenge to fill out the 36 squares. I have some recs and pairings of books and prompts in mind so i might do a post later only about this challenge.






Any more reading challenges you would recommend ? Especially contemporary based ones . Also I would love to hear your bookish resolutions, so do share it in the comments or link up to your resolutions post.


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