Top Ten 2016 Releases I Meant To Read But Didn’t Get To (But TOTALLY plan to)

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This week’s topic is basically about me making excuses  giving reasons about the books I didn’t read last year

  1. Lady Midnight



       This book must’ve featured in everyone’s most anticipated books list for 2016. It featured in mine at least. But here I am in 2017 and I still haven’t bought a copy, let alone finish reading it. But 2017 is the year when I’ll buy the book and read it on the spot. Also I really want that cover to grace by shelf.

2.My lady Jane

download (1).jpg

           I had started this book back in July-August but then I wasn’t really feeling it so I put it back. So the next time I’m in a mood to read historical or books from some other time period this one will get it’s chance.

3.Three dark crowns

download (2).jpg

            The theme of three sisters and a competition to become the queen grabbed my  attention but then I heard a lot of reviews from book bloggers and reviewers complaining about it’s ending. So I decided I will read this only after the next book is out.


4.Bright smoke cold fire

download (3).jpg

          This book looked creepy enough with it’s ritual thing-y going on in it’s cover, to be part of my Halloween TBR. But then Diwali season started ( Diwali is like the Hindu equivalent of Christmas) and books took a backseat. So at least 75% of my Halloween TBR is still lying unread.

5.Hammer of Thor

download (4).jpg

          I had read mango cheese( Magnus chase) as soon as it was out and planned to the same with this one. But the same thing involving Diwali happened (Ref.above) and now I don’t even remember the story of the first book and this will not move forward without a re-read

6.Midnight star (The whole Young elites series)

download (6).jpg

      I had planned to binge read the young elites once the final book was out but I couldn’t because of my book slump in December. Now I’ll read it once monsoon is here since it seems like the perfect stormy season read.

7.Holding up the universe

download (5).jpg

      I’m still near the halfway mark of All The Bright Places by the same author and I’m liking it but finding it pretty sad( Just what the book is supposed to be) I’m actually just putting away the book to read it in the comforts of my home because crying in a packed train is something I most definitely don’t look forward to. Once ATBP is over Holding up the universe will be my next read-at-home-secret-book.

Which of these books have you read? Also which are your books carry forwarded from 2016?

Link your TTT post and I’ll check it out.


7 thoughts on “Top Ten 2016 Releases I Meant To Read But Didn’t Get To (But TOTALLY plan to)

  1. Sorry to hear that you couldn’t really get into My Lady Jane! I thought it was hilarious. TDC was pretty… interesting, though tbh it wasn’t that amazing and very different from expectations.

    I also enjoyed Holding Up the Universe. I keep switching back and forth between which one of Jennifer Niven’s books I like better. I hope you like it too!

    Here’s my TTT, if you’re interested. 🙂


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