Return from Hiatus

Hey, It has been long time since I’ve posted anything ( 20 days to be exact) but now I’m back and I promise to post continuously( or at least try to )

So where was I these past days?

  •    I was anticipating my C.A. IPCC result and it was stressing me out a lot. ( CA is the equivalent of the American degree CPA) The result was supposed to be out on Jan 31st and I was really scared of a negative result.
  • I passed the exam and spent the next 10 days celebrating ( Pretty long party esp. fr an introverted book loving shy girl) so that was the other reason for my hiatus. 2017 is turning out to be pendulum with it’s high highs and low lows.

Also I visited Imagica during the republic day holidays and it was a blast. But I didn’t really take much photos because OMG the rides! They were the best and that’s coming from  a really scaredy cat who is not particularly fond of roller coasters.


In the books front, my books read count isn’t really that hot (Even though I’m just 1 book behind schedule) but i hope to remedy that whit my favourite genre fantasy and a massively hyped up  ‘Darker shade of magic’ . So pumped to read about alternative dimensions and looting pirates and sassy,take-no-shit characters


The lesson I’ve learnt from all this is that I really like book blogs and I missed reading them and missed writing them too. Even my blog reader is feeling very neglected (I use Feedly , if anyone is curious)

Also there is this thing when you spend a lot of time away from something, coming back to it seems very far and laborious and writing reviews feels a little dry right now.

I am actually motivated to post this today because I received a mail reminding me about the upcoming Love-a-Thon ( whose schedule and all that jazz post will follow shortly) and I was like ohh I have a bookblog to tend , so thank you to the hosts of the Love-A-Thon.


So what did I miss in the blogosphere and book community ? Anything special? Leave a comment below and help me be updated once again.