Simon v/s Homo Sapiens Agenda

Rating 5 stars

The first 5 star book of 2017 and it is a contemporary my least read genre. I just don’t like reading about normal people and their romances. But safe to say  Simon’s story was defiantly not the normal boy meets girl, run of the mill contemporary. It was a coming of age novel with Simon dealing with his coming out and falling for his secret email pen pal. The best thing about this book was it focused not only on Simon and Blue but also, everyone around Simon . His parents, sisters, friends and even to an extent even his teacher featured regularly  and formed a part of the story.

The thing I hate the most about contemporary is that it turns the MC and their love interest turn into islands with absolutely or minimum human contact with people other than their other half’s. But nothing of that sort happens in this book which I’m thankful for.

Simon was a really funny and teenage sounding narrator (He kinda gave me Percy Jackson feels with the snarky narration and pop culture references)  Also he earns brownie points by being a potterhead and dressing up for Halloween like someone/something from Harry Potter universe.

It’s not just about the characters who are funny , the cirumstances and plot is also very engaging. The mysterious identity of Blue and it’s revel was also kinda unpredictable  (well atleast I didn’t suspect who it was but that is nothing great since I usually don’t)

This review is a week or two late(or a month) but anyways I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who needs a feel good and genuine book.

Also this book will make your crave Oreos, so stock it up before starting.




What is it about

Heartless is the origin story of the queen of hearts from Alice in wonderland.



  • The writing

Marissa Mayer’s writing is absolutely magical and captured the whimsical and kooky mood of Alice in wonderland. Also her own writing shone through even while staying true to the original work of Lewis Carol.

  • Characters

Cath, Jest , Hatta, Mary Anne everybody else was fleshed out and realistic. Their motives and actions felt justified. The transformation of Cath from a simple girl to THE QUEEN OF HEARTS was really relate-able ( that does not mean it’s OK to go all ” Off with his head”)

  • Romance

Jest and Cath felt like good match, made for each other types even though there was a feeling of insta-love.

  • Food

The descriptions of food and baking was really mouth watering and can make anyone feel hungry.


  • Length and pacing

At 464 pages (ebook) this book was on the longer side (not that I mind big books). Also i felt that the book was dragging in the middle where nothing exactly was happening. It did feel pointless and didn’t add anything substantial to the plot.

  • The mystery

The mystery element is kinda lacking since it is a prequel and you know how it is going to end(to an extent at least). Even the ‘Who dunnit’ element could’ve been guessed correctly.

  • Insta-love

It didn’t even take one complete meeting for the main characters to fall for each other. That being said their relationship did progress at a healthy pace and the instant attraction part could be written off.