Top 10 Tuesdays:Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read For The First Time In 2016

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Now onto the list. The list is ordered in the order that I’ve read them in.

1.Susan  Dennard


I read her book Truthwitch as soon as  it released and then promptly put it on hold for four months. It was kinda lackluster and I nearly gave up on it. I am not really sure whether  I am going to continue with the series or not. Even if I decide to I don’t remember any details(wait what even is the main characters name. And here I used to think I’m good at remembering names)

2. Jandy Nelson

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I was totally prepared to be blown away by the writing  in I’ll give you the sun because everywhere there were glorious reviews comparing the writing to Laini Taylor  but I was really disappointed. The book was too colorful for my taste and it was ‘its not you , its me’ thing.If only the writing did not feel like post-Holi hangover I would’ve liked it a lot more.

4.Marie Rutkoski

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Okay I confess this book was a total cover buy, I mean look at it that dress, that typography and everything. The book was really good with strong, diverse characters. To be honest I don’t remember much about this series except that the tiger was named Arin. (Need to add this book to my reread list.)Really look forward to reading any new books by this author.

5.Rick Yancey

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I had kept the 5th wave as a motivation book during the exam season and the hype around its release made me tick it off my TBR as soon as I had a copy in my hand. But the book was really under whelming and the plot felt too old and repetitive  (don’t most dystopia do).Also this book put me in the worst book slump(It’s not like  the book was that bad but still…) I 50 pages into the sequel and and it is lying on my side table untouched and collecting dust.

6.Gayle Forman

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My mom actually gifted me the ‘if I stay’ duology and where she went . And I will recommend this book to anyone who loves reading about families. The most genuine family I’ve ever read about (even though,you know, they were dead) I really need to read the rest of her books. Do they also feature families heavily like if I stay?? also the movie is actually good unlike other book to movie adaptations.

7.Maggie Stiefvater

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Ohkay I waited too long to read the raven cycle series (I was waiting to binge read the whole series together) and Maggie just made it to my all time favorite author list. If you haven’t read the raven cycle series WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE, GO READ IT ASAP! I’m waiting for winter to read the shiver trilogy  since I’m all about seasonal reading ( winters in Mumbai are a big joke though). And also read about the raven boys while its pouring cats and dogs outside, it adds to the creepy factor(Trust me on this).

8.Pierce Brown

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I don’t read much sci-fi but reading the red rising trilogy made me really appreciate this genre. Also Sevro is the funniest character ever. And I had promised to bloody murder the book( not really because e-book) if he was harmed in the series. The major plus point of this book is that male guy characters in this series  sound so guy-like (is this even correct guy-like??)

9.Sara Raasch

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I am currently reading ice like fire and I think my ship is sinking so umm I  can’t function for a few days. Other than that the world building is the best and the it would make any fantasy fan rejoice.

9.Adam Silvera

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‘More happy than not’ was a highly hyped book and it deserved every inch of the hype. The book was a gem and what beautiful writing .It was real emotional roller coaster and the kind of book I would never recommend it to anyone without giving them a box of tissues.  I think Adam is going to turn into an auto buy author for me. His next book is coming in January titled ‘History is all you left me’

So I know the heading above says Top 10  and this list contains only 9 authors but I’ve read just 9 authors and there are still days left in 2016 to rectify this(Hopefully)





What is it about

Heartless is the origin story of the queen of hearts from Alice in wonderland.



  • The writing

Marissa Mayer’s writing is absolutely magical and captured the whimsical and kooky mood of Alice in wonderland. Also her own writing shone through even while staying true to the original work of Lewis Carol.

  • Characters

Cath, Jest , Hatta, Mary Anne everybody else was fleshed out and realistic. Their motives and actions felt justified. The transformation of Cath from a simple girl to THE QUEEN OF HEARTS was really relate-able ( that does not mean it’s OK to go all ” Off with his head”)

  • Romance

Jest and Cath felt like good match, made for each other types even though there was a feeling of insta-love.

  • Food

The descriptions of food and baking was really mouth watering and can make anyone feel hungry.


  • Length and pacing

At 464 pages (ebook) this book was on the longer side (not that I mind big books). Also i felt that the book was dragging in the middle where nothing exactly was happening. It did feel pointless and didn’t add anything substantial to the plot.

  • The mystery

The mystery element is kinda lacking since it is a prequel and you know how it is going to end(to an extent at least). Even the ‘Who dunnit’ element could’ve been guessed correctly.

  • Insta-love

It didn’t even take one complete meeting for the main characters to fall for each other. That being said their relationship did progress at a healthy pace and the instant attraction part could be written off.